Hands Regular Polish
15 minutes
Wanna be more attractive once in a while or make some subtle improvements for yourself and test if people notice? How about changing your nail polish color? Subtle and charming to a degree itself, plus we always have different styles and colors to choose from, they will surely be a match for you. For this service only your fingernails color will be changed.

Thank you for considered our service, below are the basic steps guide to get the beautiful colors which are best suited you. Other steps may involve during service so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question. We always give our customers the best values.

The process takes 5 steps:

Step 1: We prep your nails by first removing any previous nail polish

Step 2: Next, use an antibacterial hand wash to clean your hands and fingernails thoroughly

Step 3: Trim and shape your nails using a nail file, then soften the cuticles

Step 4: Buffer and gently remove the shine on nail surface to help with adhesion and dust removal

Step 5: New polish is applied.

Available Technicians
Any Technician
Mr. Ben
Mr. Bi
Mr. Brandon
Mr. Omar
Mr. Phong
Mr. Steven
Mr. Zen
Ms. Amina
Ms. Bibi
Ms. Keri
Ms. Lelly
Ms. Ly
Ms. Rachel
Ms. Thi
Ms. Vicky
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